Kenny Cavanaugh        School of Irish Dance

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Pricing and Schedule 

September 2017-June 2018 10 month Dance program


6:30-8:00 pm Beginner 2


3:45-5:45 pm Nov/Champ Soft & Hard shoe

5:45-7:15 Adult


6:30-8:30pm Novice and up soft and hard shoe


5:45-6:30 pm  New Beginner 5-9

6:30-7:00 pm u12 Ceili

7:00-8:30 pm Competitive Beg/Int Soft & Hard Shoe

3:45pm-5:45 pm Nov-Champ Soft & Hard Shoe 

Class Pricing


Wee Ones  ages 5 and under                                      

Adult Solo                                                       

New beginners.                                           


Competitive Beginner /Intermediate          

Novice and Up (2 days a week required)                     

Family cap                               

Paid in Full Tuition will receive 10% discount, or 1 month free.


$550/10 months

$550/10 months

$650/10 months

$150/ 10 months
$800/1200 (2 days) 10 months 
$1500 (2 days)/$2100 (3 days) 10 months 

$2500/ 10 months


The following Discounts are applicable:

Family Discount: 25% off each additional family member applied

Adult Dancer: 15% discount for dancers over 50 years old.

Dance Referral:  1 month free to dancer when you refer a new dancer who enrolls for the year.

All paid in full tuition payments will receive 10% off (1 month free)


Performance Fees

Performances are priced in 15 minute intervals for off peak season April-May, July-August, October-February

and based on locality of 20 mile radius from the closest location to the event.  Additional Fees may be added for travel above 20 miles from studio location.

$50/15 mins, $80/30 mins , $150/hr.

Months of March, June and September, rate will double and require 60 day advance booking.  Availability during Peak performance time of year is not guaranteed outside the 60 day window and the CALENDAR page should be referred to to check availability.  Any Peak performances booked outside of the 60 day window will incur a 15% charge in addition to peak rates.   Any performance outside of 20 miles of home studio will also incur 15% charge for travel time and expense.  Any NON PROFIT entities will be charged off peak rates all year long.